The Pookie Baby @ProfGampo is back with a New Music Video for his first Single "Andre The Giant" 

Rhymesayer's Prof has just released another crazy Music Video for his Single "Andre The Giant". which is the first off his upcoming "Pookie Baby" Album, set to drop April 13th. I got to perform with Prof at MURS's Paid Dues Festival back in 2013, dude is one the better Hip Hop performers currently out there, if you see he is coming to your city, make sure to grab a ticket. 

Pre-order today from iTunes, Amazon or and receive an instant digital download of “Andre The Giant” and “Time Bomb". Album available digitally, on CD and custom white-colored 2xLP vinyl. (

Check out Kxng Crooked battle Alcoholism in "Too Ashamed" 


One of the few critiques I have had with Crooked I over the 15 plus years I have been listening to him, is that his music had always lacked Emotional Depth. That is until he linked up with Slaughterhouse and more specifically Joe Budden. I feel Crook and Joell (Joell Ortiz) suffered from the same problem, they are amazing lyricists but their music always lacked depth and that personal touch in which Joe Budden is most notably known for. After the group formed I heard a big difference in how Crook (and Joell) approached music and I could tell Joe Budden definitely had an impact on them, and you can see it in this song. Touching on more personal problems and being more intimate and outspoken about their demons. Crook delivers "Too Ashamed" in which he confronts his alcoholism in which he has now been a year sober (Congrats Crook!). Make sure t check it out and let us know what you think. 

60 East - Finally Home (Feat. Cam Meekins) 

Anytime I am on tour or away from home for a few weeks there is a certain feeling I get when I land at the airport. I was never really able to describe it, so when we were working on our EP I told producer Phil we needed to make a song about it. FINALLY HOME is just that, a song about that feeling you get when you come home. I was able to link up w/ Atlantic Records artist Cam Meekins, after discovering him on Spotify and get him on the song. Let us know what you think!!

Music mogul Alexgoeshard talks relationship, break up in new interview. 

In a new interview Alexgoeshard addressed the end of his relationship with ex-girlfriend  (whom he didn't mention by name). "She's a good person, things just didn't work out because of our careers". It's hard to date and be close to someone when you're out here chasing your dreams. It is even harder to keep a good relationship when you're dating a model. I think our biggest breaking point was when I was in Texas and she was in Chicago". Alexgoeshard was asked how he keeps his relationships strong while he's traveling, he answers, "it's not easy. You gotta Skype a lot and use FaceTime. A lot of my friends have a similar life, they understand. My girl had to learn to deal with the fact that I don't know if I'll make it home for the weekend. I'm going on with my life and career, so I'd rather not focus on continuously speaking to media or blogs about my failed relationships". Keep up with the music mogul below... 

Twitter: @Alex_goeshard

Madchild - BadChild (Official Music Video) 


New Madchild x Evidence collaboration. Whenever these 2 get together shit hits the fan... 

"The Darkest Hour" is available for pre-order now online at or the limited edition vinyl version online at

Illustrated - Crown (Ft. Grieves) 


So GRIEVES to me has always been a "crossover" Artist in the sense that he is not your "typical" Hip Hopper. His music and live set can cross over genres (mostly rock/alternative) but in this one, he taps into the "EDM" (Which is in parenthesis because who knows how to generalize that music anymore with its million sub-genres) world. This is actually my first time hearing Illustrated and I was fairly impressed by his production. Keep up with these guys @GrievesMusic @Illustrated 


Joyner Lucas - Just Like You (508)-507-2209 


Joyner Lucas is one of my favorite "up and comers" and was my vote for this years XXL Freshman 10 Spot. His story telling and concepts are on another level. I dig his wordplay on songs like Ross C. where he can literally tell a similar story from 2 different sides. Dude is nice, really looking forward to his debut. 


stay up to date: @joynerlucas





Aesop Rock - Get Out of the Car (Official Video) 


Yo this new Aesop is fire. I have always like his Voice/Style, which I have come to learn is an acquired taste to rap fans, similar to Kendrick Lamar. But all BS aside, if you like Aesop, YOU LIKE Aesop! Peep this track about his friend Camu and read what he had to say about it... 

“This May 25th marks 9 years since the death of my friend Camu Tao, an event that serves as an emotional and narrative anchor in both this song and my life. I wanted to reflect on things that had changed since, and try to connect some events I hadn't realized were potentially related. 

"I asked my long-time friend and collaborator Coro to create some drawings that would accent parts of the lyrics, and director Rob Shaw was able to guide and weave the video into what it is here. 

"Camu was entirely singular as an artist and human. You may notice those who knew him speak of him often still - his presence and humor and imagination and energy and impact. It's all still right there. I hope some of you that may not be familiar go check out his music. This man was something special. 

"Unrelated factoid: This song was originally called "The Impossible Kid," titled after the line in the song that employs the phrase. I ended up liking the name and moving it up the ladder. I then settled on "Get Out of the Car" borrowed from the last line - which, while a somewhat clunky title, felt like it got to the point nicely." 

--Aesop Rock

"Get Out of the Car" appears on Aesop Rock's "The Impossible Kid", available now on Rhymesayers Entertainment:

Prof - Time Bomb Tour Recap 


PROF is someone I would like to tour with before I die. He is a crazy MF and I can imagine the wild shit that happens while on tour with this guy. I am sure a lot of footage had to get thrown off a building or buried somewhere in middle America. Want to know what it is like to tour with PROF? Watch this... 



This new Brother Ali album is AMAZING! 

I was stuck in LA traffic yesterday and that is usually when I do my album listening. I had seen someone on my FB post about how dope the new Brother Ali album is, so I had to check it out for myself. Somewhere by the 101 and 110 I realized that the album was fucking amazing. From the content, to the delivery to the bars to the production selection, FUCKING AMAZING. Now I am a long term Brother Ali fan but there was never really an album I was able to listen to front to back, until now. After 2 listens I caught myself needing, not wanting to go back to better dissect the album. I usually judge an album by how many songs get added to my playlist, and well almost every song on this album made my playlist with a few exceptions, but this album has definitely had more songs added to my playlist over the new Kendrick, Logic, Cole and Big Sean. Maybe it may be my taste difference or maybe Brother Ali just released not only the best album of his career but possibly the year. Be the judge for yourself...


I recently read this post written by my buddy Kosha Dillz, who is a road warrior like no other. I myself constantly suffer from Post Tour Depression, so when I read this I realized these are all things I should be doing myself. For all my touring artists this is some great advice for you guys... 



1. I join an exercise group - I did this because I didn't have enough discipline to do it all myself. Forces myself to get up and be accountable. I am part of @cobrafitnessclub . It is like 10 percent Instagram and 100 percent fitness. 100 percent altogether. 
2.I started focusing on the work and not the money — basic actions involved in my work (which is rap ) make me earn more in the long run. Gotta go do the work even though you can't cash checks everyday. 
3. I started booking studio sessions - I didn't know what songs I wanted to write, but I wrote them and I am writing the best music of my life now (DING DING) 
4. Filling up my schedule. I think it is necessary to fill up your schedule. I not only am writing new projects but booking meetings with anyone and anyhow that is progressive, from the cleaning lady to my booking agent. Similar to #2. Sometimes you got make it happen and fill the day so you don't fall apart. 
5.Gratitude bio Reminding myself that I played Coachella, curate my own official showcase at SXSW and drove 11,000 miles around America changing lives with my music, sounds better than not having fully packed out shows and getting my car broken into and wasting time and money. Everything is perspective 
6. Limit your computer internet activity to 90 min to 120 min tops. You can just realize it when things aren't getting done. It probably isn't. Stick to being creative. 
7. Do the basics of life - Brush your teeth. Make your bed. Put on clean socks and underwear. 
Get your meds. Check your mail. Pay your phone bill. Internet bill. Health Insurance. 
8. Pen to the Pad Time . If the computer isn't working and the food isn't working and exercise and all that, get your pen to a pad. It's a great time to write after all that experience. 
9. Exercise again - Yeah I never ever wrote that in twice but chances are you were not working out for a while. It means you need to get back your real life schedule so you can look good while your agent is booking your next plan of attack 3 months from now. 
10. Call your friends and family Call people. You have lost touch with them. The people who don’t judge you for anything don't care about how many Instagram followers you have.

Keep up with Kosha @KoshaDilz

60 East releases Artwork + Tracklisting for upcoming EP 

Hey guys so we just released the Artwork and tracklisting to my new project. I only have one feature and that is Cam Meekins, though I have a few people that pop up in the EP videos lol. I will be posting a lot of updates as things come along. Make sure to follow me on social media to stay updated with everything, or you can just visit this blog whenever you want to get updated with whats been going on.  Thank you guys very much for the support. The artwork is courtesy of my graphics guy Jon May. 



Atmosphere Announces Welcome To California Tour 


ATMOSPHERE is coming to Cali! Get your tix now 

8.07 - San Francisco, CA - The Fillmore 
8.08 - Berkeley, CA - The UC Theatre 
8.10 - Sacramento, CA  - Ace of Spades 
8.11 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst 
8.12 - San Luis Obispo, CA - The Fremont Theater 
8.14 - Ventura, CA - Majestic Ventura Theater 
8.15 - Fresno, CA - Strummer's 
8.17 - Santa Ana, CA - The Observatory 
8.18 - Los Angeles, CA - The Wiltern 
8.19 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theater 
8.20 - San Diego, CA - The Observatory North Park 

**all dates with ZULUZULUU, Greg Grease & DJ Just Nine

Dizzy Wright - Word On The Streetz (Prod by Alex Lustig) 

Yo this new Dizzy Wright is fire. As part of his "Still Movin Monday" Dizzy Wright will be releasing a new song every Moday. This beat is also crazy, never heard of this producer before but will definitely be checking out for him.

Dizzy Wright 

Produced by Alex Lustig 

Still Movin 
New music every Monday! 

#StillMovin #AlwaysForward