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Your Lucky Day (Movie Review)

Your Lucky Day Movie Poster

Your Lucky Day (Movie Review)

I recently came across "Your Lucky Day" in the Amazon New Movies section, my go-to when searching for something to watch. Angus Cloud caught my eye, known for his role as FEZ in Euphoria. If you're unfamiliar with FEZ, do your homework; he unfortunately passed away not long ago, and I assumed this movie was his last project.

In my opinion, FEZ isn't the best actor. He comes across as somewhat emotionless with limited facial expressions, but he's likable and exudes a Mac Miller swag. I wasn't sure if he could carry a movie. "Your Lucky Day" revolves around six people in a Mini Mart. When one guy discovers he won $150 million with his lottery ticket, Angus decides to rob him. The acting overall isn't stellar, but I appreciated the escalating tension and unexpected twists. While I don't foresee this movie winning any Academy Awards, I might consider buying the DVD if I find it in the $5 section at Walmart to add to my collection.

Rating Scale:

1. Trash AF - Shoot me in the face for wasting my time

2. Decent - It was bad, but there was something I liked about it

3. Dope - We'll call this the $5 rack at Wal-Mart, it wasnt good or bad, but I liked it

4. Good shit - Aside from some minor things I didnt like, it was good

5. Fucking Epic - Was dope AF, go watch it now fucko

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